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LET'S PLAY BALL!!Registration is now open!! We are asking teams to register for the inaugural 2022 season by following the link under the Registration Tab.  

Upon completion of registration, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link for players/guardians, and coaches to complete required forms.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Minnesota American Legion Softball

Purpose & Mission 

  1. To instill to youth a better understanding of the American way of life and to promote the principles of 100 percent Americanism.

  2. To instill in Minnesota’s youth a sincere desire to develop within themselves a feeling of citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty, and team spirit.

  3. To aid in the improvement and development of the physical fitness of our country’s youth.

  4. To strengthen and build the nation’s future through our youth.

  5. Build a sense of giving back. It is recommended that all players, coaches, or teams perform at least one veteran community service act as a team, group, or individual during the year.  Examples:

    1. Any way to show veterans that you are thankful for their service and the opportunity their service has provided you to represent them, your Community, Family, and Country.

    2. Help your post with a project

    3. Volunteering at or visiting a V.A. Hospital or veterans homes


Our goal is to make softball accessible to softball players across the state.

Where/How do we register?

Register under the Registration tab on top of the home page.

Do we have to be sponsored by an American Legion Post?

No, you can be sponsored by a post or a business/organization as long as it is approved by the softball committee.  We would prefer a post to sponsor each team and plan on creating an "Adopt a Team" for posts looking to sponsor teams as well.

What uniform requirements will there be?

The American Legion softball logo will be required for the left sleeve or left chest of the uniform.  The Patches tab on top on the page will bring you to the site to order the patches.

What is the cost? What is included in that cost?

The cost is $500.  That covers state fees and insurance.  It also locks you into an opportunity for postseason play.

Can we combine towns/schools to make a team?

Teams are created based on school enrollment.  Each player is tied directly to their high school.  If two or more neighboring schools need to combine enrollment to create a team, that is acceptable as long as the enrollment does not surpass 3,600 students.  If a team is created by a cooperative like this, all players in those schools would be tied to that team.  

Who schedules games? When do we play?

 Once we have a list, teams will need to contact teams in their area / district to put together schedules/conferences.  Check out the teams currently registered on the link through the registration tab.

Who is in charge of league play? Playoffs?

League play will be done locally.  Playoffs will be overseen by Directors.  Some playoff Sub-States will be very similar to the leagues you play in.  Others may not depending on the number of teams registered in your area.

What will playoffs look like?

Great question but very little clarity right now until we know the number of teams we will have our first year.  We will have an 8-team state tournament meaning 7 qualifying teams and the host.

American Legion Softball is set up very similar to baseball to keep things familiar for posts that already sponsor a baseball team.  The playoff format has the same setup in mind.  However, logistics need to be ironed out when teams register.


Contact Us

Minnesota American Legion Softball

Phone: 701-318-0926